Guangdong Science Center Wins ASPAC Creative Science Communication Award

Updated: 2013-05-15 14:10:45

Guangdong Science Center held a robot competition on May 9, attracting students from the local primary and secondary schools.

The trophy and certificate
The competition is part of the Robot Creation Outreach Program organized by Guangdong Science Center to help bring robot knowledge to schools. The program has earned the center the Creative Science Communication Award 2013 presented by The Asia Pacific Network of Science & Technology Centers (ASPAC) at its global conference held in Korea in May. Guangdong Science Center was the only Chinese award-winner at the conference.

With an ordinary compact disc, a breadboard, a motor, a switch, some electric wires, screws and batteries, a robot mole able to evade barriers can be made. The program is targeted at students at the ages of 8 - 18.

The teacher teaches the creation of a robot moth

The students have a robot class

Under the instructions of teachers in the science center and colleges, the students can create the components of different robots using their imagination. They can therefore design and make the robots on their own. Under the program, the students’ knowledge, creativity, craftsmanship and team spirit can be developed.

The Robot Creation Outreach Program is co-operated by Guangdong Science Center, South China University of Technology and Guangzhou Education Bureau. It has won the recognition of the judging panel out of the competition with tens of candidate programs from over 20 countries.

(By Zou Lixian, Rik Glauert)

Source: Guangdong Science Center Wins ASPAC Creative Science Communication Award