Thai CG in Guangzhou Visits Guangdong Science Center

Updated: 2013-10-22 14:19:15

On October 16, 2013, Ms. Suphatra Srimaitreephithak, Thai Consul General in Guangzhou has paid a visit to the Guangdong Science Center. Guided by Jiang Hongbo, deputy director of the center, the consul general and her team has visited the exhibition halls of Lingnan Technology, Transport and Digital World, learning about the history and current situation of Guangdong's technology development.

Mr. Jiang said, Zheng He, the marine explorer was sent by then government to Siam, now Thailand, during the expansion of the maritime Silk Route. Consul Suphatra said that South China and Thailand have had a long exchange of technology and culture. More co-operation is expected to come in the future.

Thai Consul General in Guangzhou (L-2)in the visit

Thai Consul General in Guangzhou (L-3)in the visit