Guangdong Technology Exhibition

Updated: 2013-11-04 14:28:43

Guangdong Science Center has opened a new exhibition pavilion as of September 26, showcasing the history of the development of technology in Guangdong.

The exhibition space has over 3,000 sq. m and is divided into five parts, showcasing the technological achievement of the greater Guangdong Province (or Lingnan area) from the ancient time till now.

In the section of the ancient Guangdong, visitors are able to see the advance technology that the people in Lingnan developed, especially in agriculture and manufacturing industry, like the ancient canal Ling Qu, mulberry fish pounds, iron casting, china and weaving.

Guangzhou was the only port opened for international trade in China of 18th and 19th centuries. The missionaries from the Western World introduced their technology and medicine to the city. The section of the premodern Lingnan exhibits the technology that people created at that time. Guangdong was the first province in China to establish a mechanized mint. Visitors can see how a coin pressing machine works by using the machine in the exhibition hall to make commemorative coins. Also exhibited is a Chinese sailing ship that travel an impressive distance. The Keying set sail in 1846 from Hong Kong and traveled as far as New York City, Boston and London. Visitors can appreciate the ship model and take a virtual tour of the journey.

Modern Guangdong is the leader of technological development in China. By using interactive tools, visitors can see the development of transportation in Guangdong, take a virtual bike trip on a greenway and have a look at what home appliances Guangdong people have been using in different years.

The journey of technological history in the Lingnan area, containing 49 items, will be showcased as a permanent exhibition in the Guangdong Science Center.

(By Lynus Tan, Rik Glauert)

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