Cyber World

Updated: 2013-02-20 10:40:58

Cyber World

The world of "0" and "1" focuses on computer, network, communication and digital entertainment, letting visitors learning the basic concepts and latest knowledge in the Information Age.

Here you can wander in the digital park to experience the development tendency of information industry such as digital home and development of digital industry.

The world is divided into five sub-areas:

Introduction Area – Dynamic Urban showcases the digital development of economy, industries, culture, education and sightseeing in the Guangdong province.

Digital Base introduces the basic knowledge including the concepts of cyber technology, computer and internet.

Digital Application displays the applications in daily life.

Digital Garden provides games by transducers, multi-media and computer image processing technologies.

Digital Dreams shows the robot, visual reality and mixed reality technologies.

Interesting exhibits include:

Information Transmission of Network

Visitors can experience how to send binary data package composed of black and white balls in simulated network inter-connection device, and understand the structure of computer network and the transmission process of data.

Mobile Communications

Visitors can operate the experiential video telephone to learn the transmission theory of modern mobile communication signals, and experience how mobile communication will become in the future - mobile data communication technology with higher speed and bigger capacity.

Challenge to Robot

Challenge to Robot

Visitors can compete with the industrial robots which are oriented to precise and high-speed work. Let's see who can find a way out of the maze more quickly and stably.

Robot Fighting

Visitors can appreciate the performance by the world's advanced small-sized educational robot which can walk upright on two feet.It can do bipedal walking, push-up, standing on one leg, side rollover, dance and kungfu. Visitors can edit program for robots and manipulate the robots to fight with each other as well.


Huitong,the most advanced humanoid robot in China, and the cartoon robot Hongdou will present a stunning performance to the visitors.