Green Homeland

Updated: 2013-02-20 10:46:54

Featured Lingnan ecology, the area displays the panorama of the beautiful nature in a direct and interesting way. It hopes to advocate green campaign and environment and species protection.

The homeland has three sub-areas:

Green Cradle emphasizes the earth system and structure, balance and recycling of ecology. It displays the four main cycles of the earth microscopically, and the matter recycling and energy flowing inside the earth and its influences on the ecology, as well as the typical ecological systems and resource on the Pearl River Delta region.

Green Crisis warms the resource crisis, environment pollution and ecological unbalance and calamity due to the modern industry.

Green Action shows up the actions of ecology recovery, environment cleaning and new energy development for saving our homeland.

Other exhibits include:

Disaster Experience

Disaster Experience

The exhibit aims to publicize the disaster prevention knowledge, awaking people's consciousness of disaster prevention and reduction through video, interactive models, installation and huge wind tunnel. Visitors can experience the strong typhoon and learn about knowledge about earthquake, sandstorm and tornado and so forth.

Smart House

Smart House is built on the base of the life in a common family, aiming at establishing the concept that environmental protection is related to our daily life and calls for everyone's effort. In Smart House, visitors can learn common sense and skills of environmental protection and energy saving in daily life when playing games.

From Trash to Recycled Materials

Do you know how many people could produce such a huge mountain of rubbish within one year? The answer is a family of three. Here visitors can visually know how much rubbish can be produced by a family in daily life, and accordingly cultivate their consciousness of environment protection, energy saving and emission reduction.

The Earth's Story

The Earth's Story

A spherical screen is used to simulate the earth, enabling visitors to find visually the earth's movement, climatic formation, geological history and the structure of the earth surface and the current condition of the earth.

New Energy Machine

An electric motor drives a small ball to the top of a new energy machine, and then the ball will roll down along the track due to the gravity, transforms potential energy into kinetic energy. On the process the ball produces six kinds of new energies - solar energy, biomass energy, nuclear energy, hydrogen energy, geothermal energy and wind energy.