Digital Home Experience

Updated: 2013-03-07 15:29:37

The experience hall is a digital home introducing digital technology, its application and its future development, as well as various digital operations at home.


The hall has five sub-areas:

History Review

From Bell's invention of the first telephone in 1844 to the notebook PC with a thickness of only 1.2cm, the great events that have occurred in the fields relating to the digital home such as communication, networks, appliances, TV and even robots are introduced to the visitors.

Digital Theater

In a six-side projection house, visitors can step on various icons to find the different requirements and technologies of digitalization. Here you can view the multi-angle projected film with the most amazing audio-visual effects, from which you can learn more about our digital lives and what digital communication can achieve.


In the Digital Home of the future, electronic medical equipment commonly used by a family are interconnected with the hospitals via a network, facilitating people's remote consultation and doctors' remote monitoring of the patients. The toilets are equipped with health monitoring facilities and software. The intelligent kitchen can collect the information collected to propose suggestions on nutritious meals to make.

Digital Living Theater

The interaction between actors and their video image, actors and machines, as well as robots and their video images provide visitors three levels of image and visual experiencse to look to the development of a digital home and people's lives in the next 20 years or so.

New cutting-edge Products and Services

Here is shown the achievements of the Guangdong Provincial Digital Home Action Plan; new hi-tech products and commercialized service for enterprises are on display. This section is also an ideal place for the launching of new-tech products.